Building the Perfect Instagram Business Profile

Updated: Sep 20

Are you wondering how to build the perfect Instagram profile for your business?

Almost all business owners are now taking advantage of social networking platforms. One great reason is that these platforms allow them to advertise their business for free like Instagram.

Instagram helps business owners communicate their stories, their services, and reach more potential customers.

Building your Instagram business profile isn’t a Herculean task, you just need a bit of marketing savvy. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Check out CF Content’s guide to building the perfect Instagram business profile.

How to Build Your Business on Instagram

Before we talk a few tips on building your Instagram business profile, let us make something clear – building your business on Instagram is an effort-intensive project.

It’s not necessarily hard or even complicated. However, it does take dedication and effort. That’s true of all social media marketing because it relies so much on sustained presence and activity.

But if you’d like to learn how to do it yourself, then let’s go ahead and get started on our tips. Follow these if you want to learn the best ways of building your business on Instagram.

Establish Your Branding

Building your business on Instagram means establishing your brand on the platform.

A better way to start doing that is to have a brand image, style, and messaging. When planning out how you’ll be building your business on Instagram, ask yourself these questions:

  • What visual imagery best describes my brand?

  • What style goes best with my brand? How can that style be expressed in content?

  • What visual elements do my existing customers already associate with my brand?

These are three vital questions that can help when you’re building your Instagram business profile. You need to remember that your Instagram account represents your brand and your business. Users should be able to develop a brief understanding of who you are as a brand and the kind of services you offer after visiting your page.

Post Powerful Content Consistently

Since we're talking about content, I want to remind you that you have to post good quality content. At the same time, it should be consistent. These two attributes are what will help you stand out on social media, especially on Instagram. With excellent messaging and relevant content, your business can reach huge numbers on Instagram.

One of the crucial parts of building an Instagram profile is remembering to represent your brand's value through your content. To establish content consistency, you have to come up with a strategy. And by that, your strategic plan should also be aligned with your values. Here at CFContent, we believe that you should post at least once a day on Instagram.

Having a consistent posting schedule lets your followers know what they can expect from you every day. We recommend investing in a social media scheduling tool to help you keep a consistent schedule.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep telling stories— relatable ones, please. People love a good story, regardless of your brand. So, when building a business on Instagram, you should take advantage of this by posting content that tells the story of your brand and the customers you serve by sharing content through your Instagram Stories.

Do you need help with what to post on your account to increase engagement? Well, we have a separate article for that. Check it out in this link.

Define Your Target Audience

Never lose your focus by targeting the right audience. Yes, you may have strong and consistent content, but without knowing who your target audience is, your content will all be put to waste.

You can define your target audience by age, location, interests, and possible hobbies. Knowing all these, you can easily identify how you can catch their attention and affect them with the services you offer.

Once you know who it is you're going after then you can begin to design a plan around how you can market directly to them, engage with, and respond to their needs and demands.

Don’t Forget to Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are integral to the way content is organized and discovered on Instagram. Using hashtags can help you quickly get recognized and seen on this platform. It can also help amplify your content's reach. Be careful, though in choosing your hashtags because using the wrong ones can barely get the attention that your content deserves.

Basically, using hashtags is essential when building your business on Instagram. The trick is to do your research. Find out which hashtags are most relevant to your audience and niche, as well as with your business. And then, develop content targetting those hashtags.

You can also find the hashtags for events that you're creating content for (e.g., the holidays), then use them for those posts, along with hashtags for your business. You can create your hashtags for movements, promos, products, or events specific to your business.

Also, don't forget to create unique hashtags by incorporating your brand's name in your hashtag. It's unique and allows your followers to navigate to the content they want to see or read.

Ready to Build that Instagram Business Profile?

There you have it – your secret to building the perfect Instagram business profile!

With these tips, you can establish your brand effectively on the platform to achieve a variety of marketing goals— from getting more brand exposure to gaining new customers.

However, you must remember that a successful Instagram profile doesn’t happen overnight. An effective and good online marketing campaign is the same as other business marketing plans: continuous effort is needed to be able to see your plans come to fruition.

If you find this post helpful, let us know in the comments section below. While if you’re ready to rock that perfect Instagram profile, book an appointment with us and let us know what we can do to help your business grow.

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